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Coolidge College

Coolidge College Dust JacketCoolidge College is a romantic comedy, written by Floyd Kemske in 1994. It takes place in 1986. It is about a broken-down liberal arts college in Vermont that is bought by a man who wants to use it to advance the cause of supply-side economics.

The main characters are Jones Ferguson, chair of the Department of Business and Economics at Coolidge College, and Sydney Hofstadter, former marketing manager for Bikini Light Beer, who has just been hired as Dean of Admissions.

A secondary story concerns Barton McChesney, the new owner (and now president) of Coolidge College, his wife Arlene, and her pet ferrets.

Coolidge College has never been published in a print edition. The “dust jacket” at the left was designed and drawn by Floyd Kemske, who has always wanted to design a dust jacket. It depicts the seal of Coolidge College, which incorporates the image of a ferret.

Procedures for and Terms of the Download

1. The book (281 printed pages) is supplied as a PDF file. You can read it with Acrobat Reader, a free program available for download from Adobe Systems. If you don’t have Acrobat Reader, here is a link to the Acrobat Reader page of Adobe’s website.

2. The novel is provided free of charge for your entertainment. You may read it, and you may print it in order to make it easier or more convenient to read.

3. You may quote brief passages from the novel for reviews or critical essays, but you do not have the right to reproduce more than a few hundred words for any purpose. And you do not have the right to reproduce any of it without attribution to the author.

4. You do not have the right to distribute the novel. If you wish to share it with others, please refer them to the website, where they can download their own free copies.

5. You do not have the right to use this novel in any other way than the uses described here. The author reserves all rights not granted in these five points.

here to download Coolidge College (988K — two to three minutes over 56K dialup under low traffic conditions). In case the file is misplaced after the download, it’s called “Coolidge.pdf.”

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