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Labor Day

Labor Day dust jacketLabor Day is a story about union organizing told as a stalker novel. It pits a seasoned union-busting consultant, Stillman Colby, against a crafty young union organizer. Gregg Harsh, who approaches his job like a serial killer, unionizes businesses so quickly that management never knows what hit it.

When Harvey Lathrop’s union headquarters staff becomes the target of Harsh’s undercover unionizing effort, Lathrop calls Colby out of retirement to defend him with the means Colby used to employ to stop Lathrop’s own labor organizing. Colby’s desire to once again don his Brooks Brothers suit and go into battle goes smack against the truce of his marriage to a former union activist. And then a young union executive imperils his marriage even more.

From the Reviews…

“It’s virtually impossible to find someone to root for but, then, that’s the point. Wry, sly, depressing.”
Kirkus Reviews

“Kemske has humorously and humanely welded together farce and postindustrial angst, with charming results.”
Publishers Weekly

“Kemske catapults entirely believable characters into slightly fabulous situations and lets them play out their roles with more than enough angst and lust to keep the story moving along.”
Boston Globe

“Floyd Kemske is drawing the surreal map of the modern workplace. Every spot on it is marked, ‘You Are Here,’ and from it there is no finding your way home.”
Denver Post

“Kemske has a lot to say about the often dysfunctional ways managers and employees interact — and much of it is quite insightful and funny. Recommended for all public libraries.”
Library Journal

“Moving from thriller to science fiction to horror to absurdity, Kemske clearly is happy in his work of showing why the rest of us aren’t.”
Kansas City Star

Labor Day had me staying up late and spending way too much time in the bathroom.”
Jules Older, Vermont Public Radio

“This fourth novel in Kemske’s ‘corporate nightmare’ series occupies a unique niche (possibly inhabited only by himself within a genre that is itself relatively small: the business novel)… Kemske’s latest plot is a devious, convoluted story about a union president facing an organizing effort by his own office staff.”

“At times the conflict in Labor Day approaches the artfulness of a fencing match with the grit of an Old West showdown. The narrative is propelled by this conflict between Harsh and Colby with eddies that encircle and pull in the lives of the other characters on personal and professional planes… Labor Day is the kind of novel whose digestion continues long after the reading of it is finished.”

“The point … is made with enough irony and wit to make ‘Labor Day’ an entertaining look at the tribulations of working stiffs, wherever they toil.”
New York Times Book Review

Chapter One of Labor Day!

Published by Catbird Press. $22 hardcover, 208 pp., ISBN 0-945774-48-6

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