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Lifetime Employment

Lifetime Employment dust jacketAt the company where Gene works, a policy of lifetime employment has created a unique corporate culture: the only way to get ahead is murder.

Gene is an assistant manager who has given up hope of ever doing what it takes to get ahead. Then a company reorganization gives him a major promotion, and all the risks and responsibilities it brings. Everyone becomes a potential ally or enemy. He is given jobs he's not sure he can manage. He becomes part of plots he doesn't understand.

Lifetime Employment is the story of Gene's adventures and misadventures in a corporate environment that's out of control. It is a corporate case study that reads like a detective novel. It is full of suspense as well as a wry sense of humor.

From the Reviews…

“Kemske blends black humor with a serious treatment of the individual’s plight within a closed, Kafkaesque society in his satiric first novel, which freely and expertly borrows the techniques found in mysteries and thrillers.”
—Publishers Weekly

“Kemske has written a very funny book, reminiscent of Aldous Huxley, about what we loosely describe as the craft of ‘management’ in an angry and fearful age.”
—Boston Globe

“Floyd Kemske’s novel is a deliciously cutting satire about the corporate mindset.”
—Boston Herald

“Told in a dry, matter-of-fact way, this is a black comedy, both hilarious and horrifying.”
—St. Louis Post-Dispatch

“Floyd Kemske isn’t just a ‘promising’ new writer; he’s a new writer who delivers right from the first book.”
—Small Press

“In Floyd Kemske’s first novel, Lifetime Employment, the fight between centralized and decentralized processing of information becomes a battle of epic proportions.”
—Information Week

Chapter One of Lifetime Employment!

Published by Catbird Press $19.95 cloth, 231 pp., ISBN 0-945774-18-4

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