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A Somewhat Comprehensive List of Floyd Kemske’s publications

Nonfiction and Features
“The Great Galileo Guide to Fantastic Gifts,” Galileo, January 1980.
“Michael Kaluta: Storytelling Fantasy Artist,” Galaxy, June 1980.
“Should Training Be Reactive or Proactive?” Northeast Training News, December 1980.
“Psychological Testing,” Northeast Training News, February 1981.
“The Other Roles of the Training Manager,” Northeast Training News, April 1981.
“Employee Attitude Surveys: A Primer,” Northeast Training News, July 1981.
“Appraising Performance Appraisal,” Training News, February 1982.
“Should Trainers Be Certified?” Training News, May 1982.
“Personnel, Training, and the Bottom Line,” Training News, June 1982.
“Reason Invades the Workplace,” In Business, July-August, 1982.
“Invasion of the Microcomputers,” Data Training, February 1983.
“Quality Circles are Where You Find Them,” Quality Circle Digest, March 1983.
“Editorial Training: Just Sink or Swim?” Editors Only, December 1983.
“Computer-Based Training, at Its Best and at Its Worst,” Software News, January 1984.
“Getting the Most from Public Seminars,” Data Training, September 1984.
“Who’s in Charge Here?” Training News, March 1986.
“On the De-Selection of Software,” Information Center, May 1987.
“Information Center Salaries,” Information Center, August 1987.
“Risk and Responsibility in End-User Training,” Data Training, September 1987.
“Moxie and the Art of Career Planning,” Information Center, August 1988.
“What is Neurocomputing?” CBT Directions, April 1989.
“A New Breed of Expert,” Information Center, June 1989.
“The Future of Data Training,” Data Training, November 1989.
“A Memo from the Future: Data Training in 1999,” Information Executive, Winter 1990.
“Amy Wohl’s Technology Wave,” Information Center, May 1990.
“Brains Will Replace BTUs,” Information Center, June 1990.
“The Climate of the 1990s,” Data Training, March 1991.
“The 1991 Salary Survey,” Information Center Quarterly, Spring 1991.
“Is the World Waiting for Digital Video?” CBT Directions, May 1991.
“‘You Really Don’t Want to Know,’” Data Training, November 1991.
“A Good Year to Be a Manager,” Information Center Quarterly Reports, Winter 1992.
“How Widely Does the CBT Community Use Multimedia?” CBT Directions, January/February 1992.
“CBT Salaries,” CBT Directions, March/April 1992.
“Training and CICS Version 3,” Data Training, May/June 1992.
“Networks: Politically Unsettled, Technologically Stable,” Information Center Quarterly Reports, Spring 1992.
“Tools, Methodology, and Culture,” Data Training, July/August 1992.
“User Training: Growing Beyond ‘Self-Taught,’” Information Center Quarterly Reports, Summer 1992.
“Problems and Possibilities in Windows Training,” Data Training, September/October 1992.
“Salaries in Data Training, 1992,” Data Training, November/December 1992.
“Authoring Tool Selection and the Three Cs,” CBT Solutions, April/May 1994
“Courseware According to the 1995 CBT Report,” CBT Solutions, January/February 1995.
“1993 Computer-Based Training Report,” SB Communications.
“1995 Computer-Based Training Report,” Patricia Seybold Group.
“1996 Computer-Based Training Report,” SB Communications.
“1997 Electronic Performance Support Systems Report,” SB Communications.
“1997 Computer-Based Training Report,” SB Communications.
“The CBT Software Market,” CBT Solutions, May/June 1997.
“Around the Table with EPSS,” CBT Solutions, July/August 1997.
“Are You Getting Your Just Desserts?” Inside Technology Training, July/August 1997.
“HR 2008: A Forecast Based on Our Exclusive Study,” Workforce, January 1998.
“‘The Shift is Real’,” CBT Solutions, January/February 1998.
“Enough About You…” Writer On-Line (website), September 1998.
“Developers Rate the Authoring Tools,” Inside Technology Training, January 1999.
“1999 Computer-Based Training and Online Learning Report,” Ziff-Davis, Inc.
“How to Practice Safe Writing,” Rough Draft, February 1999.
“Take My Training Program—Please” Inside Technology Training, September 1999.
“Job Profile of the Month: Desktop Publishing,” Kaplan College website, March, 2000.
“Job Profile of the Month: Computer Support,” Kaplan College website, May, 2000.
“The Other Lane Phenomenon,” Rough Draft, April, 2001.

Other Columns and Short Pieces
“How to Write Good,” Science Fiction Times, 1979-1980. Eight installments.
“Training in Massachusetts,” MASFAA Newsletter, 1978-1979. Eight installments.
“Editorial,” Information Center, 1985-1987. Thirty-five installments.

“Metropolitan Cyclist,” Bike World, Vol. IX, No. 9.
“Compu-Doc Self-Service Medical Terminal,” MAD, December 1989.
“First Meeting with the Trainer,” Dog World, February 1990.
“Notes on the Grammar Liability Law,” Bostonia, May/June 1990.
“Marriage Maintenance for Men,” Bostonia, July/August 1990.
“My Dog’s Myers-Briggs Profile,” Bostonia, Spring 1992.
“My Dog’s Trade Policy,” Dog Fancy, November 1992.
“A Message from our Alien Publisher,” Aboriginal Science Fiction, 1986-1997, Thirty-six installments (written without byline).

Short Fiction
“The Urogenous Downfall of Ernest Deble,” Medicine Jug, Fall 1973.
“The Inevitable Acceptance,” Fiction, January 1975.
“The Children of Cain,” Galileo, September 1978.
“Calling Shapes and Beckoning Shadows,” Galileo, January 1979.
“The Children of Cain,” reprinted in Starry Messenger: The Best of Galileo (St. Martin’s Press, 1979) edited by Charles C. Ryan.
“In the Days of the Steam Wars,” Galaxy, June 1980.
“It’s a Wonderful Corporation,” Workforce, January 1997.

Jigsaw Puzzles
Hole in One. Bloomfield, Connecticut: Bepuzzled, 1997.
Unbridled Fear. Bloomfield, Connecticut: Bepuzzled, 1997.
Cooking Commando. Bloomfield, Connecticut: Bepuzzled, 1997.
Purrfect Medicine. Bloomfield, Connecticut: Bepuzzled, 1998.
Murder on the Hindenburg. Bloomfield, Connecticut: Bepuzzled, 1998.

Letters of the Alien Publisher. Woburn, Massachusetts: First Books, 1991.
Lifetime Employment. Highland Park, New Jersey: Catbird Press, 1992.
The Virtual Boss. North Haven, Connecticut: Catbird Press, 1993.
Human Resources. North Haven, Connecticut: Catbird Press, 1995.
Write On Target (co-authored with Donna Baier Stein). Lincolnwood, Illinois: NTC/Contemporary, 1997.
The Third Lion: A Novel About Talleyrand. North Haven, Connecticut: Catbird Press, 1997.
Labor Day. North Haven, Connecticut: Catbird Press, 2000.
Coolidge College. (published online in 2000).

Online Newsletters
ITT Connection (twice monthly newsletter published by Ziff-Davis, Inc.) from December, 1998 to February, 2000
At The Margin (monthly newsletter, published by Avenue Victor Hugo Bookshop and Floyd Kemske since September, 1999).

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