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Charles C. Parks sculpture:  The Student

A 1971 photo of the first version of the statue, taken from the Catalogue of an Exhibition of Sculpture by Charles Parks (presented by The Wilmington Society of the Fine Arts and The Delaware Art Museum -- September 10, 1971 to October 3, 1971).

Bronze statue with aging model

Here is a picture of me standing in front of the new bronze statue at the Newark Free Library. It was taken in December, 1999 by my friend, C.R. Honaker.

  When I was 22 and an undergraduate at the University of Delaware, I earned some extra money by modeling for my uncle, sculptor Charles C. Parks. Parks used these modeling sessions to create a 32-inch figure he called "The Student." It depicts a young man, bearded and barefoot, relaxing in thought with a half-read book. I wore a beard in those days.

The Friends of the Newark Free Library (Newark, Delaware) saw the table-top figure and commissioned Parks to do a lifesized version in welded steel to sit in front of the Library, which opened in 1974. The statue sat in front of the Library, staring at the traffic on Library Avenue, for 24 years. It had to be removed in 1998 because of extensive rust damage. The Friends of the Newark Free Library then raised the money needed to replace it with a bronze version of the same size. For more information about the Friends of the Newark Free Library, e-mail the current president of the Friends, James P. Neal:

For information about the sculpture of Charles C. Parks, see the website of the Charles Parks Studio:


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